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Wyeth Promil Gold 6-12 Months

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Promil GOLD® is a follow-on formula designed to help meet the nutritional needs of weaning children after six months of age. Promil GOLD® contains unique combinations of important nutrients at proper levels for your growing child.

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1. Description:

             - Older infants require large amounts of energy and nutrients.
             - By age 6 months infants are unable to meet their complete energy requirements with milk alone, even
               if they are fed with nature's ideal food: Human milk.
             - That's why complementary feeding becomes necessary.
             - During weaning infants often do not eat the full variety of foods necessary to meet their nutritional
               needs and rely on the liquid portion of the diet to ensure that they completely meet their nutritional needs.

2. Usability:

             - Keep can in cool, dry place, Always replace plastic lid after use.
             - Use within 4 weeks of opening.
             - Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures.
             - Expiration date on bottom of can.
             - Fill is by weight, not volume.
             - Some settling of the powder may occur.

3. Weight / Age Recommendation:

             - Age: 6-12 Months.

Additional Information

Baby Age 6-12 months
Brand Wyeth

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